Tuesday, August 14, 2007

totally missing..

i miss my computer *sob sob*

i miss ice-cream..

i miss chocolates.. (but thx to renee, i already had chocolates =))

i miss my friends.. who decided to ditch me here in malaysia and move to aus..

i miss shopping

i miss waking up late..

i miss the holidays. (a real holiday... NOT the pretend one next week)

i miss not needing to study and still score..

i miss my old life..

love me, hate me,
just whatever, i don't care

Monday, August 13, 2007

dumb computer...!!!

my com hates me *sigh*
therefore : i hate my com...
stupid timing.. =='

Thursday, August 9, 2007

its been a few days since i last blogged..

somehow i just couldn't seem to find the mood to continue =)

sad to say, its been a miserable week

here's why:-

- fever, sore throat, flu and stomach cramps

- *same thing*

- (this is the worst!) i fell down the stairs, thx to my dear darling little sis >( who ran past me and made me trip.. *OUCH!!*
- stubbed my poor toe 3 TIMES!!!

- actually tdy wasn't that bad.. hmm.. =)
- much as i hate her, i'll admit that Ms.Susan was kinda nice to giv us that fish-magnet thingy.. although its kinda.. um.. pathetic.. but its the thought that counts right?
- celebrated derek's birthday at noodle station
-HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEREK!! ur finally legal.. =)

birthday boy getting his birthday kisses xD

yeepei, emily, chelle, min, peixia & derek

as ade had ditched me =), i had to look for a new partner to spend the remaining 3 hours of my break with..

also found out a friend of mine had his car towed and he had to pay a rm130+ fine to get it back..(*awww* poor fella...)

anyways, now that he had his car back, here's the next problem : parking..

*lol.. finding parking in ss15 at 12.30pm is almost impossible as those who drives should know..

cruised around ss15 and even tried ss14 afew times..until finally.. thx to MY luck.. TA-DAA!!! we found one right in front of AC!!

so.. it was almost 2pm (yes, we DID drive around for more than an hour..)

so, to kill time, we went to play cs.. playing with him was considerably easier than playing wif darren and brian (a.k.a. donkey and baboon). Even managed to kill him a few times


so.. 3pm.. time for psych class.. nearly fell asleep as usual..

so what happens next?

*sleep* proposal due the next day and the com doesn't work.. WTF!!!

Monday, August 6, 2007

L4's very own blog..

oh wow.. L4 finally has our very own blog =)
i thought like we'll just plan, but never really work on it..
this is gonna be so much fun.
thx for the effort u guys
L4 ROCKS!!!!!
btw, lets create a friendster group?

Saturday, August 4, 2007

The best way to gain attention is to make a nice, big, public, embarrassing mistake. I guarentee that u will gain fame before the day is out =)
lol.. causing a scandal is always good
( however, u might wan to consider the position of your reputation
bcz if its broken beyond repair...
well then... =D )
:: have a nice day ppl ::

Friday, August 3, 2007

Luv' u guys

when you cry,
no one sees your tears.
when you are in pain,
no one sees your hurt.
when you are worried,
no one sees your stress.
when you are happy,
no one sees your smile.
And sometimes...
they see everything,
usually more,
than you want them to.
Telling you the truth,
breaking the heart,
yet setting you free,
from the darkness that threatens.
i'm glad to have known,
these creatures,
whom i call my friends.
Thank you...
for always being there for me
(you know who you are)
Love you guys.. =)