Monday, June 30, 2008

Happy Birthday PsychoticMonkey ~

Happy Birthday my dear Psychotic Monkey!

Knowing you has been one of the most unforgettable experiences ever (i think your memory will forever haunt me) and although you're always mean.. and evil.. and extremely horrible to me, I find that you're still one of the most amazing people I've ever met.

And i don't mean your evil mentality or mad laughter. Perhaps it's that sense of humor or maybe it's just your unique charm and personality. Either way, you've definitely caught my attentions and affections. omg. I sound like a lesbo now. LOL. No worries, I have absolutely zero intentions to compete with V. haha.

I appreciate all those times you were there to listen to me whine, rave and complain. trying to understand wth is this girl so annoying, helping to heal. I know you want the best for me. So, make me happy by being happy babe!! You defintely deserves all the best things in life! *hugs*.

I missed having you around despite the near heart attacks i always get. I guess whatever that doesnt kill me will just make me stronger huh? - warning: this does NOT mean you can continue scaring me. Have mercy T____T

Hope to hear from you more often babe - and not from any sudden piercing sounds in my ear. Just regular old phone calls/sms, MSN or even face-to-face if we both can manage it. haha.

Geez. Did i just say i wanna meet you?
*sigh* your brainwashing skills are incredible sometimes -_____-

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Just Because She's a DAP Assemblyman...

I got this recently by forwarded mail. and frankly, i'm shocked! Continue reading and you'll know why...

Dear fellow former prefects,

As all of you would have known, my sister, Lim Shwe Ying is the organizer of this years prefects reunion @ KL Tower.

Something happened whereby I hope to have all of your support. The story as follows :

My sister invited Hannah Yeoh to our prefects reunion, as was a former head prefect for year 1995 / 1996. She is coming purely on the reason as she is a former prefect. I do not forsee this as a problem.

BUT! The school had to intervene and the school (authorities) threatened my sister, that they will boycott the event, and all prefects that attends the event, will be demoted, or punished in some sort of way! Wat the hell?? Who are they to determine this!?

I find this very unfair. Before this, I always kept an eye close on certain ongoings in our country, but THIS! is totally outrageous!

The school thinks that we are trying to make the prefects reunion inot a political gathering! WTF???

SELANGOR is under DAP / Pakatan Rakyat. Where is the DEMOCRACY?? Why say that our country is democratic, yet our people are not even allowed to attend a dinner, being afraid that they will be sacked as a prefect?

please read an excerpt from Hannah Yeohs blog, after my sister informed her that SMKSU does not allow her to go for the reunion.

It is really saddenning to see this happening.

I hope that all of you readers, even if you are not a prefect, or not attending the reunion, please forward this email to everyone that you know. Please delete all the email adress above this message and forward accordingly to facilitate easeir reading.

Lim Meng Lee

Ok. Firstly, i know that i really shouldn't have anything to do with this. After all, i was never a prefect and wasn't interested to be one for that matter. And usually, i would generally disregard these forwarded e-mails.

However, being an ex-SU-ian (granted i don't know half the people..), I find it outrageous that they would forbid and even threaten a simple reunion gathering just because one of the invited members was an ex-head prefect who is now a successful public figure!

So what if she is an assemblyman representing DAP? Didn't we vote for our rights to have her as our leader? So now the school which is incidentally also her ex-school is discriminating against her. Geez, great support there huh? Awesome display of unity and nonsense. I can only imagine how she feels being banned from a gathering she was entitled to attend as an ex-prefect of the school.

Additionally, this is a private function! What right has the school to butt their noses in?! Even teachers interested in attending this event purely because they want to see their old students are said to be threatened with being fired. So now you're telling me that we cannot invite a private citizen for a private event without being threatened??!

Honestly! What is this country coming to?? Where is all that crap talks about unity and what nots?? This is ridiculous. It is basically sending out conflicting messages to the younger generation waring them to not become too successful or else risk being discriminated. This coming from a school, imagine the mentality we're teaching the younger generations. Hypocritical teachings.

I know this being a government school, that they're supposed to support the party providing their payroll. But still! This is ridiculous! They obviously need to get on with the times. Ugh!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

simplicity = me? hahahhahahhahahhahahahhaha

i've always liked the idea of simplicity. perhaps because i found an inexplainable attraction to what i considered as elegance and beauty, peace and harmony. those of you who know me probably realised that i seldom wear, carry or otherwise adorn myself with prints. heck, even the majority of my wardrobe are in basic shades. mostly black.

now, before you think i'm some sort of goth chick - which btw looks totally hawt (and i don't mean the freakish kind), i do not dress up ALL in black, neither do i put poisonous looking dark lipstick which makes you look like a living corpse. i know that perhaps black isn't the best option either seeing as many (mostly relatives) keep insisting that i'm skinny. wtf. they want an obese niece isit??

sometimes i feel so conflicted, wanting to explore, yet unwilling to leave the comfort zone. i want to know, and yet i'm afraid to know. mind and heart working in different directions. which do i follow? torn apart, indecision is often my worse enemy. more often than not, i find myself trusting the heart - which isn't always a good thing. stupid perhaps, but never naive.

according to freud's psychoanalytic theory of personality, my id is the dominant one. or at least thats how i think anyway. basically, the id means striving for immeadiate gratification of all needs, desires and wants. in other words, i'm a spoilt brat who only does things i want. seeing as that is almost impossible most of the time (most of my wants involves money - lots of it), my ego kicks in, giving one a reality check and substituting a want with another. mainly chocloate and ice-cream. wtf, i'm damn easy to please lor. and at this particular moment, my superego can go die. me no care moral standards and ideals. neither am i a saint - or want to be one for that matter.

ugh. am i even still making sense? well, at least my blog is starting to sound like my blog again. i'm pretty tired of logging into my private account just to put more stuff in the trash can. looking back, i feel like such an immature brat. *sigh* when am i ever to grow up and face the world?

forgive me. its just another random ravings of a lunatic - a pretty good looking lunatic even if i say so myself.

geez~ i'm turning vain-er. wtf.

Monday, June 23, 2008


Commitment. Pressure. Frustration. Dissappointment.

A voice rings out. Confident, self assured.
Doubtful stares. "Ah, an unknown..." they say.
"Let her try" someone whispers. Assent.

They give. They take. No questions.
Pushed aside. A puppet.
"Do something!" they say.

They take. They divide.
Protestations ignored.
"You are alone" they warned. Silence.

Pushed aside. Worthless.
We do not care.

Behind the scenes. Seldom appreciated.
Pressure. Frustration.

Is madness visiting once again?
An old acquintance. A memory.
Experiences of previous years. Hunts.
Falling outs. Misunderstandings.

They say life is full of challenges.
Testing one's endurance, strength, faith.
"Never lose faith" whispers the heart.
Just to be happy. Contentment.

Home. College. Friends.
Threefold pressure descends.
Threatening. Suffocating.
Resolve unlocked.
A refusal to give in.

So valuable. So fragile.
Taken, like a knife that slices.

Impetuous, uncaring.
A shield. Shredded.

-Non to turn to.-
-Non who understand.-
-Non that can share.-
-Non that care.-

She smiles sadly.
A new year. A new beginning.

Life is BS.

I just want to be happy. Is that so bad?

I want to cry. Over and over.
Releasing frustrations, anger, dissappointment.
Breaking down the wall of self preservation.
Where are you when i need you?

Letting myself go.
Breaking down barriers i built.
Seems an impossibility.
Help me cry. Please.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Premiere of Made of Honour thx to Nuffnang

Thanks to Nuffnang as well as Hong Leong Online, i got invites to a 8-course dinner at JW Marriott as well as to a preview of Made of Honour.

Meaning I actually won this!
Whoooooo~ Check out my name here.
Ngam ngam make it... lol.. thanks Robb!!

and of course...

Thanks Ren!!!!! you're the awesomest PD ever! haha...

Hmm.. i bet someone is now regretting ditching me huh? blehhhh

Invited Teck Weng because he lives nearby and because he already knows what this is all about. I lazy explain about it to another non-nuffnanger la ==' Was annoyed at having to repeat myself so often. i mean geez! what's so hard to understand about free food and free movie preview?

Anyways, typical Malaysian timing, we arrived late despite being told to be there by 6pm. Since this is MY blog, we shall not talk about how late i woke up and how unprepared i was k? Lol. Hmm.. i think i LEFT my house at 6.05pm.. but before you give me 'the look' its not my fault!! How i know that some vain fella wanna go cut hair right before the dinner la?

Oh yeah, wanna thank Sam for driving us there :)

When we entered the ballroom foyer, ths manager-ish looking guy approached us. I thought he was going to just greet us or something. Mana tahu right, he asked if me and weng were gonna get married soon as the hotel is offering some special packages for the occasion.

Shocked, we obviously said no la right?

waliao.. 19 years old only le.. what is this world coming to?? wtf
damn. do i look that old to you kah??!!

Then instead of leaving us like we expected him to, he some more give us business card and said
"If you're getting married in the future, please contact us"
omg. got guts to say that to me some more..

Okay seriously. I was damn speechless. Zha dou-ed..

display setting

Teck Weng, Kate, Sherry, Timothy Tiah, Ren
gawd.. i look damn chubby ler!! -_____-
u can see the light reflecting on my cheeks. wtf.

Stage/Ceiling area:-
love the overall ethereal effect

Table 28

Had Kate and Hikaru, Nadia and Thomas, Amy and her partner and 2 very sweet ladies whom i can't remember their names (I'm sorry!!! if you see this leave me a comment k?) on our table. Didn't manage to talk much, but it was awesome meeting you guys!

Teck Weng & Sherry

...he look damn innocent right?

Some champagne. Forgot what name d..

awesome drink! i had like 6-7 glasses if im not mistaken. lol

The whisky they serve was quite nice too.
(yeah, i tried it when you weren't looking.. lol)
Just that i'm not a big fan of whisky :)


apparently the movie theme has something to do with Scotland. It wasn't bad actually, because i once heard this amateur dude playing the bagpipes and it was awful! these people sounded like they practiced alot. I was enjoying their grand entrance when i turned and saw my useless punya partner laughing.
When i ask why, he said
You see la.. these type of uneducated people... -____-"

Table Settings:-

*pic from Yuh Hui

Okay, seeing as i mentioned '8-course' earlier you should know how many dishes are there. However, its now 1.30am almost 3am and i'm too lazy to post all.

Food generally wasn't bad but Stephy was right - it was not quite Marriott standard. But hey, free food. Who am i to complain?

Oh yeah. wanna complain about one dish though. The yellow-mashed-potato-ish thing. It tasted like plastic! eugh! How to eat like that ==' Everyone at the table apparently didn't bother/couldn't take a second bite. Except him. Geez~ i swear he's not human lor! Anything also can eat wan..

this couple danced their way up to the 1st prize...

...inclusive of a one-night stay in JW Marriott. Hmm.. I wonder what they're gonna do... anyways, the girl dance damn chun lor. she got nothing to shake also can look like she got alot to shake. the boy however is just......... feminine?

Haagen Daz (corn flavour) on Brownies with some sort of fruits

(forgot the fancy name for this)

My opinion?
It would have been better with chocolate ice-cream... xD

CopyKate and SherryMint
Uncle Josh said we had the same expression. hmmm..

my darling stephy looks awesome here... i love her smile!!!
*sigh* me and my cacat teeth =P

Simon trying to be a pimp..

But of course, the real PD is still Ren!

After dinner, we walked across to GSC Pavillion for our movie preview.
Had like a team of policemen escorting us along with the bagpipers leading the way. Walking in our formal dresses and heels and suits, we were like some sort of parade. Haha.. all those random people were practically staring at this strange parade.

Damn! i felt so important ><

This being my first time in GSC Pavillion, i was actually quite surprised to note that the chairs were rather comfy. But the one in 1U is better. hehe.
As for the movie, i was initially expecting some sort of soppy romance movie that i'll probably cry in the end. However, it wasn't at all soppy and it's definitely funny at some parts. Sort of like 'What happens in Vegas'.

After the preview, ended up with Stephy and us being girls, naturally we camwhored.

Thanks to Simon for being our photographer and TWeng for carrying my bag! lol

After leaving Stephy and Simon, we walked around a little seeing as how rare i actually go KL at night after 12. Ended up chilling back at the hotel lobby while waiting for TWeng's friend to pick us up.
Thanks Calvyn for sending us home!

Went through my freebies a little in the car. Nothing much actually.

But then again, i had a great time. So once again,
Thanks Nuffnang!!
if got more of these events invite me k?!

I actually stayed up the whole night finishing my CCS assignment.
don't have to tell me, I KNOW i'm amazing! =P

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I dare you to stop me!

Have you ever thought about what life is all about? Especially those times when you're emo-ing and you lie on your bed staring at the blank boring ceiling, thinking about whatever it is that bugs you and feeling oh-so-sorry for yourself?

I always hear about all these people, leaving on 'great adventures' or 'meditation periods' to 'search for who they are'. Damn, how can you actually lose yourself?? Ok, maybe if you're 50++ year old senior citizen with loads of things and experience you lug around, then perhaps you can say that you already know yourself, and that perhaps you've lost something you've once had in the past. But to actually look for something, shouldn't that something exist in the first place? Besides, if you spend all your time looking, you just very might miss that special once in a lifetime moment. And then you'll regret and spend the next 10 years of your life looking back for it...

Maybe I'm just a naive and inexperience youngster. Talking loads of crap. But hey, at least I am actually happy with myself, changing and evolving with the times, keeping myself updated. At least I am doing what I want, what I enjoy without compromising on personal beliefs and ethics. I was happy.. doesn't that count for something?

Okay, perhaps not everyone thinks the same way. After all, uniqueness is what makes this world such an interesting place to live in right? However, just because you think one way and I think another, it doesn't give you the right to try to make me conform. So what if I lack ambition? So what if I put higher values on other aspects of my life? let me emphasize.. MY LIFE.

That aside, I wouldn't say that i am totally mull headed. Stubborn perhaps, but not that stupid (at least most of the time anyway). But what really gets to me is the WAY you talk. Maybe just a change in tone, or perhaps a random gesture. Maybe I'm just more sensitive to these things compared to you, but at the end of the day, how you say it as much as what you say matters. And you make me sad. And angry. And not very happy. Which if you haven't figured it out, is BAD.

I feel so stressed at home sometimes I even considered using this (below). except that when i think back about it, i'm glad i didn't seeing as I'd probably have to pay for a new computer screen =\ which would be terrible seeing as i have barely enough to pay for my ice-cream, chocolate, smoothie, doughnuts and other-non-healthy food cravings which i seem to be getting so often these days. *sigh*

Okay, i'm whining again aren't I?

Nah.. I'm not that hardworking yet... and yes, you've guessed it. I'm way to pampered to actually survive on my own for now. LOL. But then again, this is my personal blog. therefore i have the right to whine.

*whine whine whine*

so there! hah!

gawd.. now i sound like some attention deprived puppy -_____-

*i'm updating about everything except what i am supposed to. blame all these stupid assignments! =P keep checking back, and you might just see it posted one fine day...

Saturday, June 14, 2008


Another reason why i am single:-
(other than the fact that i hv yet to find the one of course)

my dad tells me...
"I will KILL you if you're dating."

so guys, still wanna come meet my parents? remember, you may put MY life in jeopardy (as well as your own of course). as well as my freedom and allowance $$$. so please, do think carefully...

btw, if you're wondering, i'm not pissed off because of that. it's because i don't understand. eg.

Case 1:-

i am doing my work. and he's smoking next to me surfing the net for transformers/hotwheels dunno wht toys lar. then i POLITELY ask if he can stop smoking a while because i'm already tired and i feel like puking. plus i'm getting a headache. and my paper is due the very next day. then i thought he'll stop la right, or else go somewhere else and smoke. but noo... he SCOLDED me. excusing himself by saying he's stressed and i'm insensitive. wtefff?! as if i'm nt stressed la! so fine, he dun wan stop smoking i left the computer, since i really had a very bad headache and seriously felt like puking up my dinner. waited like damn long for him to finish his stuff. 3am. fine lor.. (note that i did not complain to him). so stayed up all night finishing up. in the morning he scolded me, ask me why i never start earlier that night. so i said, cz he wouldn't stop smoking and i was feeling sick. guess what he said.. "don't give me excuses.". wtf.

Case 2:- (in the car)

me: later can i go out for friend's BBQ?
dad: where?
me: either kota kemuning, kota damansara or ss15
dad: go there for what?
me: BBQ lah.. (exasperated voice)
dad: talk to me like that again and i'll slap you (wtf?!)

*silence for 10 mins*

dad: why so many places
me: cz different people invite
dad: why so many people invite you? i don't want you going out so much.


~just when you think that things are turning for the better, gaining a faint touch of optimistism amidst both work and social stress, out comes a bucketful of cold water, draining, making one come back to reality, leaving an empty shell full of pent up resentment~

i need more chocolate. wtf.

they care for me.
they protect me.
they love me.

i thought i understood.
that i will not complain.
that i will not cry.
that i will try to comply.
just so you wouldn't be ashamed of me

yet i feel your distrust. your paranoia. your worry.

you talk about going after hopes and dreams,
achieving the very best i can do,
and always be happy with myself.

you talk about trust.

you talk about going after what i want.
to be decisive.
to take control of my life.

but whenever i try, you bring me up short.
you made me feel ashamed, wrong.
how am i to call my life my own if you won't let me??!

wtf. mass communication student cannot go out. cannot talk to guys. cannot drink. cannot socialize. and you expect me to excel in this field. wtf.

= i wanna cry my heart out. releasing it all. =
but i can't...

... isn't it strange?

Sweet Surrender

i am so incredibly tired, that i just don't feel tired anymore. does that even make sense?

i've been pretty much sleep deprived lately, what with my annoying and extremely bad habit of procrastinating till the very last second and that stupid idiotic nonsense wuliao 2.5k words CCS report. and video -recording voice by naming animals:

"This is a tiger... this is a mouse... this is an ilama...". ilama! wtf. this is so retarded!

PR Assignment 3 due on Monday. ugh. Another 2500 worded piece of crap.

Its 5.30am. and i don't know why i'm not snug in bed, sleeping like one of the dead. especially after staying up last night. geez~ i'm such a freak..
Craving for some comfort food now..



= *BLISS* =

stay true to yourself, remembering the core of who you are

incoherant. high. tired. annoying. irritating. lovable. extremely bored

come give me my chocolates now before i lose my mind!!!
(or have i already lost it?)

And why chocolates you may ask?

yesh. that makes sense. i think..

okay. 6am. my sleeping hours are seriously screwed up. ugh

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

More of Me (thx to Ivan)


when i asked him to sketch a caricature of me, i never expected him to take me seriously. well, not THAT seriously anyways. plus i know he's a busy busy dude. always nag me for being online so late =\ asking me why do i never sleep...

but he finally drew my pic!!!!!!!! *awwwwwwww*

apparently i've been described as "nice feature, easy to capture, easy to sketch and easy to recognize (at least for me)". cool! those in art school especially Limkokwing and One Academy, you're reading this right? me will be expecting something from you too k! hehe... cannot lose to him right? :P

being awesomely lovable *ahem* does have its uses...

This picture is from his 2nd blog here where i think he created it specially for 'requests' by random people like me. except that i'm not that random. i think.

However, his main blog is at which i really think you should check out. his pictures are darned cute wei. small boy boy in daily life situations. wanted to steal some of his pictures actually, but all also boy boy.. so not relevant to me. haihz. LOL

He is one of the few recipients for my 20-seconds-of-love award. so, remember to go congratulate him. LOL

me ♥ you ivn!!

(only valid for 20-seconds)

kiddinglah.. thanks for this ivn. really loved it. *hugs*

Monday, June 9, 2008

Roxy Summer Splash 2008 - Failure As An Event?

(stole this pic from Liane's blog)

Woke up at 10am despite having 3 alarm clocks ringing their tinny little bells off at 9am. it's not my fault ok! i was having this lovely dream with unicorns and rainbows and chocolate fountains.. yumm! and before you give me 'the look' im just kidding k! but a dream with ice-creams and chocolates would be lovely though......

okay, back to our original topic.. where was i?

oh yeah.. Andrew picked me up at 10.16am (according to him) i'm not sure how long he waited though.... and we proceeded to go pick up Sue. On the way though, he suddenly realised that he forgot to bring his tix. haha. that time see his 'zha dou' face really can laugh le.. :P but im not that mean.. poor fella obviously super frustrated already. ok. will you stop letting me ramble?! sheesh..

then Sue came to the rescue!!! with a few phone calls, *ta-daaa~* problem solved! she's amazing... *adores*
went to Sunway Lagoon's main entrance to wait for Sue's friends Liane and Chris.

saw like dunno how many people queing up and we were like @_@

then we found out that it isn't where we're supposed to go for the summer splash thing and we were like =='

so we went to the actual summer splash entrance near the hotel and we were like @#$%&!!

gawd.. its only 10.50am!!!!! all these crazy people ar... -_____-

Luckily someone spotted PLJane and she let us cut her line join her. ehehe. what to do. we're Malaysians what... *proud to be Malaysians for now*

so we waited....


and waited...

hawt stephy and darling sue

and waited....

crazy people. me included...

about 2 hours later (yes, i actually stood still for 2 hours..) they finally started letting people in. and THAT is when all the drama started.

fact 1: we're already jam packed like sardines..

fact 2: the moment they opened the lines, the Q disappeared. *poof*. havoc.

fact 3: i'm friggin short. (even shorter than sue). so yeah. i almost suffocated.

fact 4: some idiot started smoking in the already-no-fresh-air zone

fact 5: some kns @#$%& mat rempits wannabes started pushing the crowd. hard.

fact 6: they stink. literally. ugly too.

fact 7: if not for liane, my saviour, i would hv fallen down. thrice.

fact 8: small kids tried to push their way in. as in literally small. kids these days.. haih

fact 9: i got SHOVED into the entrance area.

fact 10: my elbows hurt. my legs hurt. and at that moment, all i wanted was to go home.

it turned so brutal, that the police had to get involved...

crowd control

when i finally went in with Liane, these idiots who were pushing were in front of us. we complained to this dude who looked like he was in charge. loudly. then this idiot was asked to stand aside. serves him right! bully!

went the crowd went wild, we got separated. so while waiting for others to pass through the checkpoint...

i fell in love with Liane~~~
(oops. sowee chris.. i forgot about you)
lalala~ at least she was mine for a few minutes *happy*

ini Andrew. the lucky one. you'll know why later..

stage area. speakers going *BOOM BOOM BOOM*

Warning: do NOT stand so near. your heart will stop when the music starts.
at least mine almost did...


mengyoei aka ahpek.
you're right sue. this is extremely disturbing..

Shaun aka Mr.Summer Hunk '08 contestant no.2
apasal never tell me you're competing??!!!

(ooo.. who's tht dude with the abs behind??)
mr.dude-with-abs, if u see this.. contact me!!!!! hehe.

damn.. i sound so desperate =\

Ren and Yen
who came late. smart fellas...

all the crazy people...

me ish stalking him. nyahahahaha :P

group picture.
i confirm shortest d.. T______T

after staying around a little while, the rest left for Nuffnang's F&N event at the Curve, leaving Ren, Yen, Josh, Ryan, Kari and me.

hawt baby Karena who ditched me us~~

Kari, Sherry, Ren and Yen

so basically the crazy dudes jumped into the water. and some very smart fella literally dragged me into it too... -____- i call it abusing small kid weh!!! not that i'm a kid la..

and stupid water. cannot run. arrgghh..

finally met Kate... and dear, i love your laugh! haha.. sound so cute... but i forgot to take pics with her. aihz..

hungry by 4++pm. so left to return to pyramid. mana tahu the stupid exit is closed. and they made us walk i blardy big round. and NOT just in pyramid/lagoon area. had to go out.. walked to hospital, past the condo's and clubhouse..

stupid nature walk.

and i damn geng lor. realised that i wasn't that tired after all. just thirsty. *proud*

ate at Wendy's. got some erm.. cooking lessons from Uncle Josh.. something about carrots? i forgot. walked around alittle. wanted to shop - and i saw this awesome top. but nooo~ i just had to be broke. haih.. =( met back with Kari, was driven around cz nobody was home and i didn't want to rot home alone...

and as for the rest who went Curve...

this lucky dude got a surprise early birthday gift.

he won a Plasma TV!!!!!

Andrew with his prize.

Happy Birthday dude ^^

Conclusion of the day:-
Lousy event.
Lousy management.
Great company.
and that is all that matters right?

ps. Jenny babe, you look totally awesome. me heart your figure. so toned!
pps. i saw Hong too.. he looked totally hot. abs!!!