Monday, August 25, 2008

Nuffnang Sharing Session @ Italiannies

ok. i figured that i had better update before SOME people come after me with parangs or what nots if i don't post this up soon. haihz.

Went for the Nuffnang Sharing Session by Italiannies with Ringo & Cindy last Sunday night. I was a little surprised at being picked seeing as only 20 bloggers were invited. I wanna say a HUGE THANK YOU to whoever picked me!! :D (nah.. don't say i nvr appreciate wtf.)

Most people were of course fashionably late.. or even if they're not very fashionable, simply following malaysian timing. and before you give me the look, i was on time for once in my life ok! haha

welcome speech from The Boss.
(woohoo! sound like mafia wtf)

Absolutely delish food from Italiannies~

I would totally recommend the Chicken Itallianies which is obviously a chicken dish wtf. Wonderful blend of herbs and aroma. It doesn't look like chicken, but it sure tasted good! =D

And for those with a sweet tooth, the tiramisu is absolutely heavenly and Kate's cake (im-not-sure-what-it's-called) is definitely a must try.

Conversation was great as i had The Boss (okay, i have no idea why i'm liking the word so much.. maybe cz it sounds so macho wtf) himself across me - which is good as he's an great conversationalist, thus avoiding those awkward I-stare-at-you, you-stare-at-me-and we have-nothing-to-say moments. I think the poor guy talked more than he ate though. Oh well, diet right? lol.
After dinner, when we people started getting restless and moving around to (what else?) camwhore, we were reminded of our purpose in this gathering - which is to hear about Cindy and Ringo's experience.

yeap. thats them MDG girls.

talking about the good, the bad and the ugly..

Them being interviewed and yes, thats me with a jakun smile on my face wtf.

hottie Sara, me and Zoe

Birthday girl Kate!

Pinky, Ringo, Sherry, Zoe.

look at the jokers behind not Robb's lanci face

being stalked... xD

Joshua's da man! (only for the day) =P

This is a very good example of Zoe being mean..

you see what i mean?

This ish Nigel. he smile damn cute ler...

this is Chuan.

who recognised me from KSCB. woohooo! i ish fehmes! wahahahhaha. sorry la. i high a bit. wasn't really expecting to know so many people. (hmm. im supposed to have this picture with jeromefo aka the very annoying, bt seems quite harmless in rl J0ker, but i hv yet to receive it.. sorry dude. )

John aka Miao is here too! *faints*

i just noticed that we're quite color coordinated,

proving that black is ALWAYS a safe choice.

plus i look awesome in it... BLEH!

Sara, Cindy, Ringo, Sherry, Zoe, Kate

yes people, thats a genuine smile!

I'm not posting her sexy pout poser picture here. u can go check out the other blogs for that. lol.

and obviously i'm more interested in the dessert... jkjk.

i ♥ you kate!

I'm taller! =D (please ignore Zoe. she's being mean to me)

Kate, Zoe, David, Robb, me

my kelian face looks better than his! wtflol.

Pinky, Ringo, me, Zoe

us again.

And i simply can't resist this picture...

they both look so cuteright???!! like kids in a candy store..

ps. Thanks Nuffnang for this! it was an absolutely fab idea.

pps. picture credits to Nigel, Joshua Ong, and Timothy, because as usual, me being the lazy ass I am did not bring a camera and would rather just steal pictures form others. nah, just kidding. I don't have a camera =( . which reminds me.. my birthday coming soon! *hints* =P

pps. if i missed out anyone who hasn't sent the pics to me.. *hint hint chuan* im sorry. i'll update it when i get it ok?

ppps. there are so many of you i din't manage to get pics with.. awesome meeting you guys though! ^^

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Mamma Mia!

Eeeeeeeeeeek!! Mamma Mia The Movie us finally here!!!!!

For those wondering why it sounds so familiar, it’s a hit single from the ABBA, the Swedish band that was popular in the 70’s and 80’s.

Okay, perhaps I’m not as hip as I usually pretend to be. But heck, I think my parents got to me young, listening to Light & Easy (a radio station) , playing records by ABBA, Beetles, The Carpenters, etc.. over and over and over again. Sigh, I’ve been tainted! =P

ABBA used to be one of my favourites though, and I’d be singing and dancing along, although 80% of the time I don’t even know what they saying. And I used to look damn cute k! I even have a video of me dancing to the song ‘Dancing Queen’ – which I’m so NOT gonna post here because its too embarrassing wtf.

Okay, back to the story.. Mamma Mia is about a bride, her mum and 3 possible dads - I’m sure u can roughly guess the movie plot huh? Sounds rather predictable. However, starring Meryl Streep (The Devil Wears Prada), Colin Firth (Pride and Prejudice) as well as the suave Pierce Brosnan (James Bond: Die Another Day), how can I not want to go? Worse come to worse, I can always drool at Pierce Brosnan – say what you want, but I think he’s kinda cute. lol

ABBA so rocks!

Thank you Nuffnang for hosting this!! =D

Sunday, August 17, 2008

once again

Random thoughts surfacing
As I watch them crumble
Helpless at the sidelines
Leaving scars, a fatal stroke
Marring the beauty that was

Why do I bother
When others do not

Why do I care
About such nonsense

Why do I feel
Anguish and despair
As you threw it all away

I see windows of opportunities
Flaring briefly in the light
Soon passing away, unnoticed
Leaving the stale air, of resentment

Knowing regret
For your sake, I hope you’re right.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Just not my day.

News Updates about Me.
(not that you’d ever be interested, but what the heck anyways.)

  1. 1. I’m sick. I’m currently having a massive headache and I feel like throwing up although I have nothing to actually vomit out due to the fact that I’ve barely eaten all day. Feeling slightly nauseous - and no, I’m not pregnant.

  2. 2. I feel a little betrayed by some people, which I ranted about here. Don’t bother clicking if you don’t have access to my Xanga protected postings. If you feel that you might deserve access, ask me. Only my besties need apply.

  3. i could use a little magic right about now.

  4. 3. Feeling a little uncomfortable with some people right now. So what if I’m not a conformist to your particular group? Is it wrong to mingle and socialize with others? I hate being used and I’m not that na├»ve to not know that you only acknowledge me when you want something. So all these crap talks about not telling me anything just because I’m not ‘one of you’ behind my back, grow some guts and tell it to my face!

  5. 4. I got a note from the ex’s girlfriend again. You know the one. Left me another ‘anonymous’ message to stay away. LOL? From what I gathered, she’s pissed because I met him by accident in Pyramid recently. So we had coffee and caught up on each other’s lives. It’s what old friends do – and it’s been 5 years since we were together. Stop being so paranoid. Ugh! Plus I know he doesn’t know about these so called anonymous messages and you should be thankful that I don’t rat you out k! Okay, I’m bitching about her here just because I know she doesn’t read my blog (or at least that’s what she claims). I think she secretly stalks it though. Or get one of her friends to go it. Whatever.

  6. 5. Updates on the WQ – SL drama? They’re both still not talking. But at least they still have the heart to look ashamed when I had a talk with them. God! I think I’m starting to be like some naggy mom or something.

  7. 6. I hate college. And I don’t mean just the increasing workload.

  8. 7. I have this weird craving for Japanese food. It keeps coming back no matter how much I spent on Jap food the previous day. Omg, this obsession is making me broke! (and no. I’m seriously not pregnant.)

  9. spot the not.

  10. 8. My mood is not improving. No help from insensitive people who keeps pushing their luck with so call ‘funny’ comments. Stop acting like some smartass and just stfu can? Not forgetting also the annoying dude next to me who’s smoking like there’s no tomorrow. Which part of “I don’t feel well and I don’t feel like eating.” don’t you understand? Ugh. I’ve been forced to eat a cheeseburger. And I seriously feel unwell now. @#$%!

i ish in no mood

Note: You people reading this, don't go all paranoid on me. 99.99% chance it ain't you. Have a good day.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

We Civilised People..

Here's one thing I really don't like:-

People spoiling perfectly new, good, nice public amenities (eg. tables) with scribbles. Not just any scribbles. UGLY scribbles. Ugh!

If you can't draw, why do it? Practise on paper first la! sheesh..

I know I have been labeled as irresponsible on more occasions than I care to think of. But this is really stupid.

Okay, I know I'm a friggin hypocrite - especially those who knew me in high school - remember all those old wooden rotting desk they used to give us? The ones with wood peelings and faded scribblings that no one give a second glance - unless its something thats naughtily obscene. We're absolutely fascinated by that sort of thing, I've noticed.

Yeah, I admit I used to scribble on those - specially during history, accounting and science classes. I absolutely loathe analytical subjects (history just because i don't listen in class). Ugh.

And most of the time i prefer to scribble on my textbook anyways. You know, like drawing beards or moustache or moles on some unknown scientist or explorer dude (or something like that). Yeah. I was a lame kid..

What was my original topic again? Oh yeah..

Drawing UGLY scribbles on brand new, clean looking surfaces. Its not even words! Just ugly scribbles that looked faintly kindergarden - ish. And those ugly scibbles - doddles with some ugly pen ink colour no less - stand out like a sore thumb.

Wth right? Aren't we old enough to be civilised about this at least? I'm not picky about whats right lawfully. Its just that its so ugly! No talent also want to conteng. Spoil my eyes only ler. Hmph!

Fine. I know I'm being ridiculous here. And i have absolutely no idea why am I so annoyed by this..

I just am.

Gawd, I so need a life right now. wtf.