Saturday, September 27, 2008

Pre-Mamma Mia Gathering @ 1U

Anyways, following a sudden flurry of movie screenings by Nuffnang, I got myself invited to the Mamma Mia Screening in GSC, 1 Utama last Monday.

And despite some minor wardrobe malfunction and I don't mean a Janet Jackson wtf , thanks Andrew for fetching me there. And for the use of your camera. Sorry about the shameless cam-whoring, but I guess you kinda expected it? =D

Thanks to geniuses like Joshua Ong, we had a bloggers gathering in Burger's King before the movie. The supposedly set time was 6.30pm. Don't ask what time we arrived. haha.

This is my darling Zoe. Harm her and you die.

With Karena, my kaki camwhore.

with Jentzen and Andrew

I know I'm a poser. haha. But you know what? Its damn hard to bend down lor! Damn scared i ter-over-expose... bleh.

Joseph and Benjamin

Andrew. He needs a haircut right??!!!

His Royalness David

Stan says I look like I have a backache T___T

What girls do best. Sorry about the camera Andrew. LOL.

Karena, Sherry, Zoe

A group photo of the bloggers who actually turned up
Yes I know.. "Whoa!" right?

Soon headed off to GSC to collect our tickets from Robb and Pinky.


Them fake gays.

Andrew, Joshua, Sherry, Teck Weng

I like this picture. Its the complementing colours i think.

Red is The Colour.


...who actually found me in that vast cinema.
I guess wearing bright red does help after all!

Met a few more bloggers but hadn't had the chance to take a picture with them. It was awesome meeting you guys!

Movie was rather interesting. Met a few more people and soon headed off to Taipan's McD with Zoe, Ren and Sue. Oh, and Zoe was so cute. She saw this acquiantance of hers which she didn't like and she was adorable bitching about him. And she looked so serious about it. Cute?

Seriously, don't make her mad. She'll tear your picture into itsy-bitsy teeny-weeny pieces and stuff it into an almost-finished-sticky Oreo McFlurry Cup. LOL.

ps. Pictures credit to Andrew Wong.
pps. Tell me if i tagged anyone wrongly? It was a little confusing. haha.

Mamma Mia! the Movie.

With promises of an almost all-stars cast comprising of Amanda Seyfried, Meryl Streep, Pierce Brosnan and Colin Firth amogst others in addition to the very popular soundtracks from 70s's /80's ABBA, who can resist not giving a chance for this musical? (especially when given a chance to watch it for free by Nuffnang =p)

It seems to me that this is a movie where you either fold your arms and impatiently await the end of this mindless, ridiculous and totally incomprehensible musical to end OR you'd either sing along (not out loud of course) and go along with the silly but entertaining antics of the cast.

After all, where else would you see 3 grown women (Meryl Streep!) singing, jumping and basically behaving in a totally indecently ridiculous manner?

Despite the inane capering, the average vocals as well as a typical story arc, it does induce a certain glee and obtimistic aura, with the sensation of swinging your feet (well, at least for me since my feet can't really touch the ground if i sit back) and humming along to those very familiar tunes you grew up with.

"You are the dancing queen, young and sweet, only seventeen
Dancing queen, feel the beat from the tambourine
You can dance, you can jive, having the time of your life
See that girl, watch that scene, diggin' the dancing queen.."

Coupled with the breathtaking Greek scenery, this movie can indeed charm its way into you heart. Once you get over how totally absurd the plot and storyline is of course. So sit back, relax and just let its mind-numbing frivolousness of the musical sweep you off your feet. Bring your parents. LOL.

And no, I won't spoil it for you by giving a synopsis here (although you can always Google). Go watch it. And learn that age is not a factor when it comes to having fun.

Oh, and one other thing. I think Mr.James Bond should stick to looking-suave-in-a-tux and handling some high-tech weapon or something. NO singing. Please.

Warning: This is a PG-13 movie. Quite a few sexual implications with notable "dot dot dots...". Fun though.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Pre-Mamma Mia Screening

Warning: This is your average, boring, everyday rant of an average, lifeless teenage girl who lacks attention. So if you feel yourself yawning, turn back!

It all started on a sunny morning...

... okay, so what if i missed the morning? early risers who wake up at the crack of dawn for no reason are freaks!

was supposed to wake up at 11am since i'm meeting Acey and Teck Weng for lunch at 12pm.

I woke up at 11.45am. =D

so yeah.. slight delay, but i guess by now you shouldn't be that surprised huh? Or if you really were caught by surprise, just give me the mata sepet look. Trust me. I'm damned used to it by now.

Went for Subway, talked crap, listened to one hit wonders. Not too bad actually. I actually kinda missed those songs!

After lunch, walked to a nearby clinic to get my Cervical Cancer jab. Ugh. I can feel the needle sliding in!! T___T The doctor was kinda nice though, she gave me a biscuit (it was chocolate!) and a piece of candy ^^ ain't she sweet?

Walked to AC to chill a little. Glad to know that i can still make heads turn. Ok la. i know i super muka tebal wan......... but you still love me anyways right? *puppy dog eyes* HAHA!

Talked a little about animal fusion, undies (don't ask!) and generally pathetically lame people. And don't worry. 99.999999999% chance it ain't you.

Heading for dinner in 1U, followed by Mamma Mia screening (thanks to Nuffnang!). Whoever's that's going, if you see me, come say hi! ^^

ps. I had a haircut. Not that clear in the picture (top), but you get a general idea of what i look like anyway. what do you think?

pps. thanks to my darling Fimeh Limeh for my cube! damn cute right?!!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

SuperCute Diamond Drops!

Had lunch at Wong Kok SS2 with Acey, Kelvin and Jen Ai (who is darned ke ai!). Seriously, this is one of the best sessions ever! Ai darling.. I hope we can be more than friends *wink*

Memorable Moments #1:-

Me: See that guy in blue? Just now keep staring at me...
Acey: You're BB Queen what...
Me: .....

Okay, firstly im not being perasan ok! Seriously, that dude kept looking at me. I know la we're sitting like almost opposite each other and im damn hawt, but still! no need look until like that right? Ugh.. make me damn self conscious only wtf.

Secondly, if you don't know whats 'BB Queen' and no it doesn't have anything to do with barbeque, then too bad! im not telling ya. blehhh. but to give you a clue, its something only sohai #1 Acey can think of la -.-

we both look damn innocent kan? ^^

I'll honestly admit that we weren't very good customers.

While waiting for JenAi, me and Acey waited inside where there is air-cond. and yeah, we were talking crap about some silly-looking-ice-bowl thing as well as the muscular-man-with-tiny-dick. I tell you right, talking with Acey before your meal is darned turn off wei.. sure no mood to eat already wan. You girls who want to go on diet but does not have the discipline should most definitely look him up!

Anyway, where was i? oh yeah.. when my darling SuperCute arrived, we moved outside cz these two people wanted to pollute the air smoke. An hour later, Kelvin who's like super free to drive all the way there because he misses us arrived. And yeah. we actually took 2 hours to finish our food. Or at least I did. Some people damn wasteful.. haihz.. =P

Once SuperCute's battery started getting low however, we moved back inside where its cool because it was so darned hot outside (the weather here is so screwed up!).

Memorable Moment #2:-

Sor Chai #1!

Me: *pulls table closer to sofa so that i don't have to stretch so far*

(okay i know i damn lazy wtf)

SuperCute: *tries to pull sofa nearer to table* ERRRGGHHH!

(imagine this in a very cute little girl voice..)

*sofa remains stubborn and refuses to move*

*Me, Acey, Kelvin laughing. Loudly.*

damn cute can? LOL

Memorable Moment #3:-

Sor Por #1!

SuperCute: *picks up phone*


*throws phone bling onto table and pouts*

to be honest, i actually stunned there for a moment. firstly, you have to understand, when someone like Jen Ai curses, its darned cute! its like some small kitten saying "cheeeeeeee-byeee!" with a tiny meow. Cute wot?

And to further make this a historical moment, Acey actually laughed till he cried! omg. i had no idea that was even possible. Hmm.

Who else? Sor Hai #1 lah..

Since we were apparently disturbing the peaceful serenity of the place, not to mention dirty looks by out neighbours, we decided to move to Starbucks. I had to resist the temptation to buy my Mocha Latte/Frapp. It sux being broke =(

and most importantly Sor Mui #1!

This pic is darned photoshopped I tell you but i still look like that in real life no need to be scared wtf. Not that I'm all that free, but SOME ppl got no skill! =P

Awesome people. Next Friday FTW!!!!!

p.s. Can't seem to get my spacing right, thus the strange gap in the middle of the post. Sorry. Anyone who knows how to get it right, please leave a comment! thank you.

pps. We are interviewing applicants for administration positions in the Ch*eBye Empire. Interested applicants please forward your resume to The Messiah here. This is your Goddess speaking btw =D

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Malaysia Boleh!

The Constitution of Malaysia does not really recognise the right to privacy. However, it supposingly provides the right to have 'freedom of assembly, speech and movement'. And that's of you don't get detained by ISA lah..

ISA was originally enacted in the 1960's in response to Communist insurgency. At that period of time, i believe that its fair that such a law is enacted in order to stamp out the communist influence. However, this being almost 50 years later, why is it still being implemented? Are we afraid of our own countrymen (or women) that we'd use such harsh laws against our own people?

Or perhaps quoting the recent - and if i may say, unjustified - racist remarks:-
"I urge the Chinese not to become like the Jewish in America, where it is not enough that they control the economy, but they also want to dominate politics," said the now famous Ahmad Ismail.

Are we now operating the country based on race? Are we not supposed to be "bangsa malaysia" or whatever shit is it that they cram down our throat in Moral class in schools? Does talent or ability even matter anymore? Apparently not.

The one who made the remarks were suspended for 3 years. The one who merely reported the remark (hey, isn't that like, the whole point of the job?) was arrested without a trial by the ISA.

Am I allowed to laugh? Or is it a crime as well?

Mehh. We're now the laughing stock of the world. Awesome-nya..

Im so proud to be a Malaysian. We have such a democratic nation, amazing freedom of press, champions for the cause of human rights, and of course, who can forget the undeniable joy of reading local politics.

mereka boleh?

yarh. Malaysia juga boleh!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The PAWS trip.

Im tired. Brain not functioning. Post will be in simple uncomplicated sentences:-

We planned to meet up for breakfast at 9am @ Coffee Bean.

I overslept and reached at 9.30am. We were EARLY.

They started arriving at 10am+. How typical.

We had coffee.

This is Zoe. She thinks its funny. So do i. =D

Sue, Sherry, Zoe. In car. Camwhoring. wtf.


The Munkey Story.

This little monkey hung himself.

Meet Charlie The Munkey.

This is why the previous monkey hung himself.
Violence. Neglect. Depression.
You no touch munkey. He kills.

-The End-


Cat and Dog. obviously. wtf.

Won't you give them a good home?

say *awwwwwwww* with me.

Us bullying the pup.

Yee Hou bullying the pup.

Conclusion: We bully pups.

Teck Weng, Sue, Sherry, Zoe, Yee Hou.
Wet, sweaty, smelly, tired, happy.

Go volunteer.
Add some karma points. Then sin by indulging in a chocolate ice-cream.

We're endorsing this place if they want us


Headed of to Summit after that.

Zoe, Teck Weng, Sherry. Late lunch.

I find this funny. start laughing!


Had craving for chips. Walking towards Cold Storage.
Got a call, from my brother:-

"Hello? anything?"
"Dad is behind you!"

*looks back*

*Dad is less than 1 metre away DIRECTLY BEHIND ME wtf*

*walks super fast and hides in between racks*

"Did he see me?"




Bought chips. Go home.

No one home.

Makes TW bring me out for drink.

Went home.

Dinner. Sleep.


p.s wtf. damn wuliao. sorry for retarded post. brain has stopped functioning for the night. im off to bed. good night.

pps. Happy Belated Birthday Sayang!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Sunday morning blues. Literally

I suck at updating, really. its amazing how this blog survived for so long..

by now i have countless photos yet to be uploaded, posts yet to be posted, food yet to eaten and stuff yet to be done. ok fine, im just being lame here. haihz, im a little on sugar high at the moment despite it only being 2pm.... or perhaps it's because i woke up damn early at 6AM ON A SUNDAY!! gawd.. i must've died and gone to sleep-hell *sigh*

*takes a deep breath*

do not ask me why i woke up so early because its so darned stupid that im embaressed to talked about it because you'd probably laugh your ass off if you ever found out why i woke up so blardy early on a Sunday morning which is why im not telling you so please don't bother asking because im not telling you wtf

and no, don't bother trying to persuade me to tell you, i will not give in.

and don't you dare give me that puppy dog/ puss-in-boots wide eyed look!

ish.. why are you all making this so hard for me? =(

STOP IT!!! :(

ugh, FINE! i tell you la... -.-

i woke up early because...

I fell off my bed as I was trying to hit the snooze button. DO NOT LAUGH wtf!!

I SAID DO NOT LAUGH wtf -________________-"
i hit my elbow pain enough already ok!
mehhhhhhhh.. if i get another blue-black bruise i hailat d.. =\

Ok. time to divert attention from my unfortunate misfortune.

Check out Acey's post on Innit chicks here. It gives a rather good summary of the girls you see spamming the Innit chatbox at odd hours (or all hours. whatever) plus i'd say he has rather good drawing skills wouldn't you say? well, at least its better than some people anyway *ahem AWA* (inside joke, ignore if you don't understand). ok, im vain. im only promoting it because im also featured albeit in a rather exagerated way wtf.

Oh, and before i forget, thanks Chriss for your post too! awww. you make me blush so much i look like a tomato cute strawberry wtf.

okay. im done crapping for now. have a good day everyone!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

tuesday blues

*sniffs* I am sick. Again.

You know what? (is that like one of the most cliche opening lines or what.. -___-) One of the things I really hate is being taken for granted. Doubtless, with the issue of familiarity, be it friend or family gives one occasional tickets to expect certain favours or understandings in a situation, yet even one should not ignore the boundaries of courtesy.

Don’t get me wrong, its nice to be trusted (or am i?) but even one as worthless as me feels offended at being used every so often without a please or thank you. And hell if you think I’m not open minded enough to take in occasional blunders.

I resent not being taken seriously.
I resent being taken for granted.
I resent being somewhere and be miserable.

Its ridiculous how one can feel when you’ve denied an invitation due to earlier engagements or perhaps in favour of more pressing matters only to be shrugged of with a “Oh, at least I tried” and then ignored after that. Its probable that you will not even be missed of you did not attend.

How depressing is that?

Superficiality seems to be so common nowadays. I’ve been living in it for some time now, occasionally making an appearance just to make myself believe I actually have a social life. And of course to remind people that I’m still alive.

Sometimes it’s so difficult to know who’s real and who's, for lack of a better word, plastic.

Saying that, there are those who’d stuck with me through thick and thin. The ones whom I’ve learned to trust. The ones who I actually enjoy being with. The ones who make me happy just by being there. You guys are so awesome that being with you reduces my need for chocolate and ice-cream, which is saying a lot if you actually understand the extent of my addiction…

Those actually liking me for the way I am, thank you.
Those liking me because of my looks I have nothing against you.
Those treating me as if I’m not worth a shit, fuck you.

Its time to get tough.

And no, I’m not emo-ing despite the perverse attraction of it. Something simply happened today to remind me how hard it is to be yourself sometimes. Smiling and nodding while viciously backstabbing each other. Just back off, can? Trust me, you do not want to know how much of a bitch I can be.

Mehh. I can’t eat chocs with my friggin sore throat.

ps. and yes. i am THAT vain.