Saturday, May 31, 2008

Fishing My Way to Made of Honour


damn.. i know this is kinda late and last minute, but...
~i hope i win~i hope i win~i hope i win~i hope i win~i hope i win~
i hope this qualifies........

The prize?
well, Hong Leong Online and Buena Vista Columbia Tristar is offering 40 lucky Nuffnagers to an 8-course dinner at JW Marriott KL AND a premiere screening of Made of Honour!

well, you're supposed to play this game fishing game here and the highest scores get an invite to the event! For nuffnangers that is.. and honestly, i do NOT encourage u to play... or even if you do, do get a lower score than me? pleaseeeeeeeeee??? ^^

for more information about this, go here.

btw, i hate the stupid eels!!! (unagi doesn't count....) just the stupid shocking ones who happily swims pass when ur happily trying to catch the big fishies.. ugh!! seriously, is it just me or do they have the worse timing ever to go swim around??!! -_____- blehhhhh

ps. advice from personal experience: the game super addictive ler.. so please DO NOT play if you're halfway doing your assignment or work :P

pps. thank you ren ^^ u know wht for.. hehe

Thursday, May 29, 2008

the reason why you're single

in response to mr.weng's post here:

dear mr.weng,

Please do not blame me for your lack of gf. I was just being and honest and mean friend. Besides, I am sure that there are still many not-so-superficial girls who wouldn't care less about how lala or how ugly or how messy you look. It doesn't matter either that you're sometimes annoying and incredibly blur as well. After all, it's the inner beauty that counts right?

And being you're not really appreciated friend, i forgive you for all your faults,

including your tendency to be a damn poser, your lame jokes, being a lousy drinker (eg. getting drunk on tea), as well as not knowing my actual height even after being my classmate and collegemate for 3 years. I understand that you have been under alot of stress and pressure to protect yourself for any future Father's Day celebrations in you life.

And for the record, you're so darn perverted sometimes that i'm pretty sure you're not gay. At least not 100% anyway. So, knowing full well your faults and strengths, go ahead and find yourself a girlfriend to bring home to your mum. Remember to use protection! But then again, I'm sure your mum will be happy to start toddling her grandkids while you're away studying your ass off in Aussie (not so sure about your gf though). I wish you the best of luck in 'finding other fishes in the sea'.

Btw, in case you haven't notice, you're 'sea' is extremely polluted. Some mutations may have occured. Do not date a back-biting shark. I hope your desperation has yet to reach that level. All the best~~

Yours truly,

-your ego buster-

ps. hanging out with you is fun. blehhhhhhhh!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

of Chocolates and Summer Hunks..

this is definitely NOT one of my better days.

not only do i look like crap and worse, i feel like crap. ugh!

skipped lecture today due to slight fever and because i think i got an eye infection again. i hope i didn't miss anything important - not that i'm actually worried about CCS. and i'm really sorry i missed the carnival-meeting again!! i feel so irresponsible =(

and strange to think that HJ actually knew i was absent and called at the unholy hour of the morning. He doesn't even go to my friggin college! Gee~ is he stalking me??!! i think i'm scared.


being sick ain't fun. i've trying to convince myself that binging on chocolates and candy is not the way to cure depression.

status: not working. they're too addictive!!

ps. chocolate is such an awesome creation. i honestly don't know what i'd do without it.


but then again, i guess i'd better stop on the comfort food because my darling Sue got us tickets to the 2008 Roxy Summer Splash!

i ♥ u sue!!!!

and Mr. Shaun Krishna!!!!!
How come u never tell me that you're one of the 17 Summer Hunks?!!!!!!
dun wan my support isit?? fine la.. hmph!


pps: damn, i just hope my eye gets better by Sunday. can't go around looking like some freak. being as vain as i am, this is a nightmare...

btw, the definition of 'girl' according to UrbanDictionary is:
"You can't trust anything that bleeds for a week and doesn't die."

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

of Ice-Creams and Diabetes

Met Ron and Zoe for ice-cream last tuesday.. no wait.. i think it was the tuesday b4 tht.. hmm.. or the one before.. whatever..

anyways, it was a super last minute thing and the original plan was to go Swensons.. but somehow, with the helpful advertising by Larry (who i'm still nt sure who he is), we decided to go try Ice Monster at SS15.

strawberry ice

rating: 4/10
comments: just the usual strawberry ice cream with pieces of strawberries on shaved ice. i feel it's rather expensive for just icecream and plain ice.

typical outing with zoe. food is ALWAYS wasted :P

our 2nd round!

rating: 7/10
comment: mixture of strawberries, mango and kiwi on ice with that ice-kacang syrup thing. oh yeah.. and mango ice-cream too. for RM10, it's definitely nice. the mangoes were awesomely sweet, strawberries a little sour and kiwi's quite sour.

what nick ordered.
similar to top, but with only strawberries.

i ♥ zoe

and naturally, when ur out to get diabetes, obviously 2 bowls of ice-cream isn't enough!
and zoe was so excited about gelatoes

(Gelato, or the plural Gelati, is Italian ice cream made from milk and sugar, combined with other flavourings. The gelato ingredients (after an optional pasteurization) are frozen while stirring to break up ice crystals as they form. Like high-end ice-cream, gelato generally has less than 35% air, resulting in a dense and extremely flavourful product.) wikipedia.

and seeing that i've never tried it before, she recommended going to Leo's.

lots of chocolate and a sorbet

Zoe warning the photographer to take a good picture... something like

"this had better be good... or else i'll throw ice cream at you!"

okay, i'm being lame -_____-
she was just posing :P

more food malfunction - no comments

ok, fine.. so i had a little food malfunction too. but i lok horrible in the pics, so u'd just hv to settle imagining it. no wait.. thts a bad idea isn't it?

spongebob, zoe, sherry

ron the gentleman ^^

ice-cream bar. i think i taste-tested everything. haha


last note: I LURVE ICE-CREAM!!!!!!!!!

my Date with Stephy~

Went to 1U last weds (yes, i know this post is a little late..) on the invitation of Yoei a.k.a Ahpek. he was supposingly supposed to pick me up at 9.30am. but ended up only picking me up at 10.20am - which isn't exactly a bad thing, especially since i woke up at 9.30am.. lol..

reached 1U at about 11.10am, just in time to see stephy stepping out of her car. haha.. i'm so happy ma babe didn't ffk me. and babe, u know why i'm glad don't you? =P

anyways, met ahpek's friends, bought the tix for Ironman, bla bla bla...

i KNOW you're more interested in the pictures anyway...

lunching in wongkok char chan teng ,
some Hong Kong restaurant.. food was okok only.. (thx nick for the name of the restaurant)

after lunch, we ditched the guys to do some shopping.. and of course to let them gossip about us (don't think we don't know!). walked around a little looking for a new boutique (Storybook Couture) - which was apparently only next to the restaurant. we walked all the way to the new wing reception counter k! damn zha dou when we found out where it was lor..

stephy looking for Storybook Couture

on the way back, we saw this totally delightful looking place. apparently it's some french fair thingy. so we walked through it. there's nothing much actually but they have great props. the place looks beautiful! but one has to watch his/her steps because the floor is simply treacherous! loose tiles that aims to trip an unwary victim. ish.. that place is a safety hazard wei!

fountain!! it looks so english-ish..

stage area

lovely flowers

loose tiles. or quote stephy,"the french fair with lousy floors."

found storybook couture. but it's just your typical boutique. nothing new, nothing nice. meh.. walk all the way there for nothing.. =='

Stephy & Sherry

me heart u babe. mwahs~

andrew came to fetch me home.. sweet rite?? awwwww.. thanks andrew. ur the best!

ps. i forgot to take a picture with ahpek. haihz.

pps. Ironman is an awesome movie! much better then Forbidden Kingdom anyway..

Monday, May 12, 2008

3 meals a day should be good enough...

my maid ran away.

so i guess the household chores will have to be temporarily reassigned. it's a good thing i'm having my hols. i don't mind helping. i just hope my mum realizes that:-

i can't cook. i mean i CAN fry an egg.. but that's just about it for fresh food. ugh.

hmm.. my neighbour said that my maid running away was probably due to some syndicate thing. i mean. she's only been here for 3 months! and seeing as she managed to get away unnoticed, its a good chance that someone came to pick her up. sometimes, it's so hard to know who to trust anymore! i guess i should be thankful that at least she didn't take anything. no jewellery or money missing. at least there's that.

Recently, someone told me that some Form 3 kid in the area was robbed on his way back from school. He only had Rm6 in his wallet. No phone. No fancy stuff. (was told he's one of those nerdy-good boy types..)
Gee.. even crime is becoming ridiculous =='

if it ever snows in Malaysia, i don't think i'd be surprised to see this happening

wanna say sorry to Mel and YC. sorry for ffk-ing last minute. we'll reschedule k? =)

and my dear Deedy,

Do you know tht despite the distance, you're the only one i'm most updated with? maybe becuase ur the only one who actually comes online. haihz. i miss you babe!! buy me something nice when u come back kay?

and to my sayang, planning to visit you during the school hols. maybe a sleepover? do keep yourself free.. and i'm telling you here because i never see you online! and no, i don't blame you. i blame those exams of yours that's stressing you out. i'm so gonna drag you out for some therapy when you're done =)

and to yean ling.. LMAO. hw are u doing babe? when are u coming back?? leave me comment pls. i can't keep up with the chatbox. haha. sry.

i think that is all for now. ciao~

ps. procrastinating till the very end is a very very BAD habit (as if you don't know). learnt my lesson last night when the @#$%! AssignIT refused to let me submit my CRR assignment 2 (which btw is due in the middle of my HOLIDAYS.. on a SUNDAY.. on MOTHER's DAY). And yes, failing to hand in on time and possibly losing 15% or my assessment is scary. i shall NEVER procrastinate again.

pps. yeah right.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Chocolate flavoured Camera - The New Sensation!

This is a much delayed post. maybe because of my crappy internet connection...

Or maybe it's just because i'm plain lazy...

but heck, nobody's perfect right? and for some reason or other, i don't really like 'perfection'. it may be a relief in the short run, but stuff that can't be improved doesn't promote creativity and initiativeness. and besides, 'perfection' is boring. And one thing that can be said about life is that it should never be boring.

Anyway, back to the original story:-

It all started when Sue had a sudden craving for doughnuts on monday evening. and then Ren, her dear nephew suggested going for doughnuts and then a movie. and as any random ideas that took root, people like me offered to invite herself. Finally it was decided that Sue, Ren, Yen, Zoe and me shall have an improptu and last-minuted gathering.

Anyway, i shall spare you all the nitty gritty details of our petty arguments and outburst of childishness - if there were any.

Decided to watch Forbidden Kingdom which has a utterly ridiculous storyline. as Sue Me quoted "... typical storyline... I fight you, you fight me. You die, I win. End...". LOL. action scenes were pretty good, but i guess that was to be expected from both Jet Li and Jackie Chan. Can't get over the oddity of having typical mystical chinese dieties speaking English though. It's just too wierd for my system =\.

Anyway, that i guess isn't the focus of this post. It's to pinpoint one of the most interestingly tragic thing that happened.

It all started with doughnuts. Sue's cravings and my addiction for J.Co drove us to get some for 'dinner'. only bought half a dozen as they did not feel like eating that much. and seeing as thee we're only 5 of us, the problem of who's to hv 2 doughnuts cropped up. Fortunately, they had me. who generously offered to get 2 for myself. There - problem solved! =P Okay.. i know that was random. Lol

Anyway, after buying the doughnuts, we were comtemplating whether to bring it into the cinema to eat. but i don't think it's allowed. and the box is just to big. so we ate it before heading to the cinema.

however, being avid bloggers, sue and zoe were busy snapping pictures of our delightful treats when sue's camera slipped and *sploshed* on Ren's chocolate doughnut. (i'm nt sure how a camera falling on doughnuts sounds like).

Amidst "eeeeeeks" and "ohmygawd"s.. (girls la.. what you expect?) Yen managed to help Sue clean off most off the more stickier parts. Awww.. gentleman huh?

Naturally, chocolates stains are stubborn - though they smell and taste heavenly -and we girls trooped to the ladies to save the poor camera. We managed to clean of the choc, although the camera still smells strongly of chocs. Or as Sue puts it: Camera flavour Donuts. Cool huh?

How come i only get all these doughnut related incidents with you guys?

And as true camwhores... ta daa!

Zoe is so cute!!!!! omg.. *hint* look at the diff of expression in both the following pics..

So we watched the movie. bla bla bla.

And then we camwhored somemore after. Managed to persuade the dudes to camwhore with us in the ladies. haha..

And we checked out the guy's toilet as well. how come they have more interesting mirrors?! no fair!

Camwhoring with Zoe in the car. She's adorable. =)

Thanks Yen for getting the tix, Ren for driving us and my darling Sue and Zoe for the pics.

i ♥ u guys~

Monday, May 5, 2008

a Date with Diet

and no, by 'diet' i don't mean the slimming kind. just a healthier lifestyle.

okay, who am i kidding? me dieting? pfftt..

just got back from penang/taiping. and sad to say, i think i over-ate. and yes, i do know that binging on high cholesterol and fatty food increases your rsk of heart attack and make you fat. but what else is there to do in penang? visit the snake temple which probably has replaced the real snakes with fake rubber ones?? so eat is all i did. char kuai teow, rojak, asam laksa, chendol, ais kacang, nasi lemak, fried noodles, yam cakes, more asam laksa...

no obvious changes yet in penang from the change of government. people are still positive though, keeping their fingers crossed, hoping for a better tomorrow.

penang is packed. met yvonne in the ladies at the tapah stop. also daniel and his gf? sorry if i was blur yeah.. i kinda just woke up from the car trip. saw Liyin and Zheng near Queensbay and WenQi eating nasi lemak in some restaurant. wahhaha. she looked so cute and i almost didn't recognise her until she yelled damned loud. and i know susanne is around somewhere too.. haha.

my cousins. winnie, alice and sherry =) i ♥ them

dated my darling sharon on sat night. was supposed to go shopping but unfortunately, Taiping is still a morning town where people still wake up cheerfully in the morning and smilingly go to the market at 6am. and all the boutiques are closed at 8pm. wtf.

so we went Tesco.


next morning: breakfasted at 11.55AM (hey, it's still morning k?!) and left for KL at 1pm.

and one thing i notice about drivers nowadays...


reached my aunts house in damansara at 2.15pm. LOL.. (i don't count. i don't drive :P)

1 week of detoxification is due. i just hope that i can actually resist from all that amazingly sweet stuff tht keeps tempting a poor helpless girl :( i shall not go out for 1 week, maintaining a steady and healthy diet of veggies and fruits.

yeah right.

J.Co here i come! =P
i'm such a friggin hypocrite