Friday, February 29, 2008

mine orientation day

pretty much uneventful day. woke up late at abt 7.20am (or later...) feeling extremely grumpy. almost knocked into the bathroom door cz i forgot to open it (yeah, that's hw bad i am in the morning). tripped once, stubbed my toe on the way down the stairs and found my dad smiling with amusement. AMUSEMENT! his daughter just hurt herself and possible incapitated herself for the day but was he concerned? no. he just laughed. wtf. honestly, i hope this doesn't become a habit. life is gonna be miserable if i do this every morning. i've gotta dicipline myself!


i was supposed to take the ktm to campus as my parents couldn't afford to send me to class everyday. and since i'm not really a public transportation kind of girl, i admit i was scared. plus jun, adrian, zach and some other ppl keep scaring me with stories. so yeah, i admit i was kinda apprehensive. but then suddenly my mum said, "We send her la." then my dad jz u-turn and send me to campus. despite the jam. and being late for work. but they never even complain once.

awww... i have the best parents ever!

i got very lost looking for the annexe. being my second time there (first being the time i went to register) i didn't realise it was right in the middle of the place because it was camouflaged by all the mamak stalls and restaurants surrounding it. i walked around past 6 times before i found it. ==' . basically its the usual orientation crap: lots of talks - usual stuff abt stress, problem solving etc... freezing cold auditorium, but guess what? i've already found 4 fabulous friends! they're super friendly which is absolutely great! and despite the campus tour including the pool, billiard and foos place which looks similar to AC but having more working people i'm still nt sure where the classroom and offices are. the place is a freaking maze. hope i can find my way around and get to class on time. it wouldn't do to be late on the very first day right? gt my timetable which looked scary at 1st. and guess what? no classes on fridays. woOho0~ =D

went pyramid with sharon and her mum who's apparently from taiping. damn sporting mum. she's sweet and it's like u can gossip with her really envy that kind of relationship cz my my mum being a reserved sort of person haha. shall bring them sightseeing if i gt time. she obviously doesn't know what she's missing from taiping. but then again, belly dancing class is rm5 per session and yoga at rm8 per session. where else are you gonna find rates like that? =/ so anyway.. spent rm200 (please don't ask on what...). and on the first day of school, i'm already broke. orientation therapy - what else can i say? =P and px, i bought that grey top/dress from nichii.. love it ^^
orientation continues tmr with more talks and 'games'. should i go? scared its boring. wanna go late and skip the early talks. but i can't drive. so how?

btw, my mum hinted i might have to drive to college... (beats KTM anyday)
say hooray everyone!!! =D

ps. to TW: HA! i get a car and u don't! *blek* plus i had a better day!

pps. and my-cute-guy-in-class-who's-sweet-and-available dream? *KABOOM* gone. ah well.. there's always hope for a cute senior huh sharon? =P

ppps. and finally kawan baik ku, u tunggu k? shall update on YOUR post when i'm nt so tired. gt loads of pics =) miss ya babe!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

its over.

i found my form 2 diary.

and you know what?




i was pathetic


gosh. was i really that immature?

oh wait. i was 14. ==' i was immature. literally.

okay, enough abt me being pathetic. i'm fabulous (for now) and thts all that matters right?

random, but.. I LOVE J.CO!!! bought a dozen from pyramid cz of the surprisingly short Q today. it would seriously not have survived till 8pm if not for the nut's nutty mistake (gee.. i'm becoming so lame..). so yeah, daddy? if you ever read this (which u hopefully never, cz i've been crapping abt u alot), remember to say thanks to mr. banana nut k? hehe. anyway, despite being delayed by dinner, its all gone by 10pm. and my dad ate 2 despite saying "got different meh?" ==' .bro n sis each took 1. and i finished the rest. yes, you do the maths =p

i'm such a pig.

but i did wake up at 10am. so i deserve a treat right?

and yes. i'm gonna die when class starts. should i get another alarm clock? just in case?

btw, mum said i need to take the ktm - for orientation at least. at 8++am, its gonna be full of pervs - according to zach. riiight.. will i survive? will she be traumatised beyond all hope? will she sit in front of the tv the rest of her live pigging on ice-cream cz she developed a phobia?stay tuned to fine out =D btw, keep ur mobile's free. jz in case i get too bored in orientation - does not apply to those overseas (for obvious reasons).

happy end-of-holidays-and-never-ending-assignments-which-gives-stress-plus-wake-up-at-7am-guarenteed-to-make-you-grumpy start of the sem tw!!!!! bet i'll look 10 years older by the end of the first week. UNLESS i found a guy to drool over - in which case my hyperactive hormones will keep me young. keeping my fingers crossed. wish me luck? =D

btw, i called a rabbit.
not a hamster.
nor a vampiress.
nor a pig.
nor a chipmunk.
a rabbit.
geez~ where do ppl get these images of me? =='

hoppity hoppity hop~

Saturday, February 23, 2008


its amazing how time flies. just blink and u might’ve missed it. i’m not happy. One by one my dearest friends are moving ever so far away. yes, naturally we’re in touch, but it isn’t the same. it started with edmund, then jess, then lisa, then kim. even jun left me... And now yeanling is leaving. Ade also going nxt week. I feel like suddenly time is moving too fast. way too fast. I hate to think that when we next meet, we’ll all be different. changed by our surroundings, changed by other ppl. How much will stay the same? We’ll all have different commitments, different goals, different view on life. We’ll just be... different. Stuff like this is what makes me hate growing up. i know life goes on… but it does sux sometimes =(

ling!!! u must remember me k? will really miss euuu!!


-safe journey-

i'll add u in skype soon =) then we'll talk k?

btw, do u even read my blog???

do u even know i have a blog???

i dun care if you lie to me. just say 'yes' and make me happy =)

i'm not taking this well. it's like everyone's gone and i have to start all over.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

a mini reunion

here's the update as promised ^^:-

hock chin picked me up at 2.30pm. hadn't seen him for so long d.. and to me, he looked different. not so much as physically (btw, did he grow taller??? so unfair!!!) but more in the way he matured. haha. now big boy d right? went to get teck weng, then yean ling and finally ade. den tieng wei called and we had to patah balik to teckweng's hse to get something. then along the way, somehow ade nvr give proper instructions or something, so we went the wrong way. i remembered something about "stay right lane.. nono!.. left left!!" (something like that anyway) and so as usual, we never arrive at the pre-arranged time =)

arrived at seri kembangan via back entrance about 3.30pm. then the stupid guard dun wan let us go in. then tried to call tiengwei, but she never pick up.. call dunno hw many times oso ==' .. even tried calling her mum, but apparently she doesn't hv her fone with her also. therefore, we were stuck outside. plus none of us knew her house address. then we looked through this really ham choi list of residence. couldn't find her dad's name. lol.. apparently it was under her mum's name la.. but none of us knew wht was it (sorry auntie!!).. so waited outside lor.. then the guard started telling us some panjang lebar story about how 3 house kena robbed or something.. haihz. luckily, tiengwei finally called back.. then talked to the guard.. then finally enter. dunno why this time so mafan. the last 2 times i went with ade, ling n sam also no problems.. hmm.. must be some ppl look like robber la *cough cough* teck weng *cough cough* =D

entered my personal holiday resort and found my sayang waiting. haha.. miss u loads la sayang =) and *ahem* my mirrors too =P lol.. somehow the 2 guys like not impressed with her lift.. not like us. seriously, we were like some country bumpkin when we first went. then went to the kitchen and ate in the patio. after eating went to her room. can't rmber what we did other than camwhoring. haha.. oh btw, my sayang gt a new cam.. omg damn nice wei.. i wan one oso!! cz mine spoil d.. cz SOME ppl damn smart.. drop it on the floor TWICE.. right adrian?

my sayang =)


so we talked, camwhored, laughed, joked... its sad to think that we can't do this more often. especially since ade n ling is going aussie whereas hockchin is in tarc. which is kinda far.. i think... hehe.. sry la.. i've gt no idea where it is. just that it exists =)

my graduated student in camwhoring (ling) and my kawan baik (ade) =D

my sayang. mwah~

the IT fella.. he's taking some complicated-puny-name IT course.. but his driving good le.. =)

the joker. gosh.. how come he look more innocent than me??! this is so wrong..

my babes


her house has at least 15 mirrors. more i think.. and all super sized

*sigh* i've found my heaven..

ade n ling leaving soon.. ditching me.. will i see ade next year? will she even remember me?? haha.. knowing her she'll probably be hanging out in the local mall day after day with her cheerleader friends or something.. where got time for her ol' fren like me right? hehe =) and ling? she'll probably graduate a professor or something then earn enough to airmail me some krispy kremes right?

ling, ade, sherry

and of course, no set of picture is complete without me camwhoring right? (even though its not my camera..) BUT i'm not the only one. cz i recall my fellow kawan baik oso camwhore damn a lot right? haha.. it's ok, i know you love me too.. >.<

i heart me

so after dinner, went upstairs to my mirrored heaven (daytime anyway, bet it can be kinda freaky at night, especially when you're all alone), played with some exercised thingy.. camwhored.. then we went out for a walk. u know what? in addition to the guardhouse at the entrance - which btw should've have been effective enough is they treat evryone like they treated us.. , some of these houses have private guardpost located at their house entrance. gosh.. what do they have thats so valuable?? oh wait.. seeing as we're in millionaires acre, that was a dumb question huh? =) lolx! den we got an awesome surprise - we were treated to a spectacular fireworks show. its like one of those shows that big shopping malls have during new year or merdeka et cetera et cetera.. days! its lasted for at least 10 minutes and they were BIG. awww... i love fireworks.. and its great watching it with my friends. i mean, i think this is the first time i watched fireworks with you guys right?

later, we (by 'we' i meant tieng wei) drove to the 'nearby' 7-11, which is about 10 minutes drive by car.. (damn near hor tieng wei..). wanted to buy a pack of cards but sold off d. maybe bcz of cny and the chinese gambling habit.. haha.. so anyway went to this kedai runcit and bought it. then went back to my sayang's room to puak kiau. at first started losing then when bcame banker i won back.. woooo~~~ haha

supposed to go for supper, but evryone was tired. so went home. got home about 1am. before i forget, wanna thank hock chin for the ride.. cz without u driving, i dun think we could've hv gone (especially since ade so lazy drive) ur driving good le. hit the curb oso can say nevermind.. den act damn selamba.. at least until we stop la.. =)

one last picture of us, my personal favorite:~

top: tiengwei, sherry, yeanling, adeline

bottom: hockchin, teckweng

=) =) =) =) =)

nitez all~~

ps. anyone studying in taylors pj? can fetch me?

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

say NO to emo-ing!

woke up feeling crappy today. maybe it was lack of sleep. maybe it was what my mum said to me. or maybe it was simply bcz i looked into the mirror and saw a fat bitch with messy hair. or maybe it's just the way i am. i've never exactly woke up feeling fabulous before and truth to be told, i absolutely loathe waking up in the morning. im just not a morning person.. (as you can see by me blogging at 3am when everyone else who's normal should've been asleep). i honestly don't know how i'm gonna go through life when class starts at the end of the month. i don't even think i can get up, especially knowing that it'll be another day working, studying and facing some (hopefully minor) disfiguration. maybe a pimple or something.. i dunno. i hope there will be some cute guys in class just so i have another reason to drag myself out of bed. keeping my fingers crossed =)

i sometimes wonder how am i ever supposed to survive in the working world, holding down a back-breaking, sweaty, stressful and hectic nine to five job. coming home exhausted, slumping to the couch watch tv and eat pretzels. and since i'll probably be too tired and lazy to exercise, i'll probably gain massive amounts of weight and grow fat like one of those obese people u see so often on tv. what about my other half iu might ask? well, seeing as i'm to annoyed with myself for being such a lazy, useless bum, i'll probably have pms evryday and drive everyone around me stark mad. there you go. my future life.


i'll probably get a lucky break doing some cushiony job at some international company where i only have to work from ten to two. and all i have to do is talk about myself =) AND i get paid well enough that i'll get to own my very own collection of jimmy choos by the time i'm 25. oh, and not to forget my amazingly cute + rich + sweet boyfriend who pampers me all the time. and i get to treat myself to ice-cream everyday. and say "omg, that so cheap. it's ONLY 750++ bucks!" whenever i see a coach handbag. and my dad will come round everyday jz so he can lounge about in my top-notch penthouse suite and watch oldies on the mega screen tv. and he'll say " i'm so proud of you. i've knew you could do it!" (fingers probably crossed at the back). oh, and of couse, shopping sprees to milan, paris and hong kong, fully sponsored by the company thrice a year.

yeah right! =='

who am i kidding? i'll probably end up being a fat housewife at the age of 35 with 3 bratty kids - not that i can cook or do housework.. and my husband will come home, plonking himself in front of the tv set and demand beer, just so he can get drunk before attempting my cooking.

too much movie sitcoms? perhaps.

just had a talk with a friend of mine on msn. it just goes to show that there are just some things that you gotta trust in yourself. somethings should be put behind, never used to darken the future. we should look forward and learn from our past mistakes. so hey, if you're reading this, just be happy with yourself k? don't bring up the past to make your life miserable. be confident in your feelings and who you are. and yes, we girls are confusing creatures. but thts what makes it interesting don't u think? and if there's anything else, feel free to argue/emo at/talk with me =) its what i'm here for. btw ppl, his gf says i look pretty *kembang* =D

i think i'll go shopping tomorrow. shopping makes me happy. i have no idea why

nitez ppl. don't sleep so late kayz?

*just got the pics from ade earlier. shall update abt it tmr... or the next day.. or the next day. =)

Monday, February 18, 2008


went back to taiping for the whole cny week. therefore not able to update my blog - no matter how much i wanted to. trust me.. i was really bored out of my mind, and if there really was a way i could've gone online.. my blog would definitely have at least 5 posts entitled "i'm bored" =D. ah well.. so basically what i did for the whole week was hmm.. sleep.. eat.. watch tv.. eat sumore.. puak kiau a little.. eat sumore.. something like that anyway. therefore, i won't blame you if you compare me to a pig. at least for the next 2 weeks or so anyway =)
thats my extended family. at least on my mum's side..

3 generations of gorgeous ladies. mummy, grandma, me =)

may jie. one of my cousin from taiping

wei lin. another cousin. from penang

alice. shu ting (she look so cute wei...). me.

cucu-cicit Kwek family.. yeah.. i'm the eldest..

my dad taking pics of my mum *sweet huh?*

daddy n mummy

my lil' sis. she's amazingly annoying

my bro. dun worry abt the expression. its his 'cool' look =='

my family <3

LOVE will always bind us together
(with thanks to shuting, jason, alice, winnie, mayjie, chuhan, alice for ur hands.. mine too of cz =D)

i know its late but its not the 15th yet =)




*angpau mari mari...=D

so thats my cny. angpau collection was satisfactory, though not as much as last year. but everyone was happy. and that's all that matters right? =) btw. wanna thank nick, jun, alvin n liss for temaning me through sms whenever i was too bored. glad i have friend like u guys! =)

have a prosperous year of the rat everyone!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

My Valentine <3

i dunno whether i'm happy or sad *sigh*. i had such a great day but no photos.. regretted not bringing my camera.. but what was i to do?? my clutch was too small to fit it in. then i though of using his fone to snap some memories.. but i guess i had tooo much fun till i forgot.. but then again, i'll always remember the experience =)
woke up at 8am cz mark wanted to have breakfast before his class which starts at 11.. he kept calling non stop!!! (fyi, i slept only 2 hours ago..) so i think its understandable that i was a little grumpy.. haha.. i thought maybe he want go mamak eat or something.. mana tau bring me go baskin robbins.. FOR BREAKFAST! omg.. u couldn't guess how high i was! (morning la...)... anyway i thought he was damn sweet - and not just bcuz he belanja ice-cream.. but cz he got me ferrero rocher too! *awww* and the best part is he totally surprised me.. seriously, i just stoned, speechless.. lol..
thanks mark!! =)
i forgive u for the "not-letting-me-sleep-longer-part"
this is definitely one of the best surprises =D
after mark dropped me home (cz he gt class) i went back to slumberland =)
till abt 4pm like dat... haha.. i think still grumpy a bit but still hv to wake up to get ready for my date with nick. tried to style my hair abit cz lazy go salon do.. and it ended up smelling like strawberries (according to nick and ade).. lolx.. ah well.. anyways, suddenly nick called and to told me to 'dress up' and i was thinking like what?? ==' kept sms-ing and calling him but he nvr reply!!!!! ish.. i took about half an hour deciding wht to wear, cz i scared to be under or over dressed.. finally decided on the LBD (little black dress). was actually afraid it might be too plain..

den abt 5.30pm nick showed up..
my reaction?
"omg....." >.<
he looked so yeng wei..
(*ahem* nick, i noe u read my blog.. dun perasan k?) =D

haha.. dressed super smart sumore..

so got into the car and the first thing he said to me was

" i don't like your dress"

seriously dat time, i think can hear my heart drop d.. *thunk*

seriously, i damn sad until stone for abt 5 minutes..
den when he stop at the traffic light only i finally ask why


and you noe what he said???

"i dun like it because you look too beautiful and hot in it. later other guys stare i'll get jealous"

damn zha dou rite???
wasted my time emo-ing =='

needless to say, i was happy again =D
(after i got over the zhadou-ness lah..)

dinner at a hotel restaurant - can't say where cz his mum who's working there use her influence get a table in the already-over-booked place xP.. omg.. it was lovely! there was candles everywhere plus balloons (kim knows how i get turned on by balloons xP).. we got this really nice table for 2 near the window... then he told me he wanted to go to the restroom and came back with this really really nice bunch of roses (28 stalks *awww*), teddy bear, and GODIVA chocolates!!! (omgomgomg!! i hv no idea how he got those!!) haha.. could see me blushing like nobody's business. lolx. got this really sweet couple at the next table, keep looking at me and smiling.. lolx.. damn paiseh..
service was a bit slow, but i guess expected d la.. food was quite nice.. i give it a rating of 8/10. lolx. tried this margarita called 'lover's kiss' made specially for valentines.. haha.. i liked it!! tasted sort of sweet yet sour-ish too.. haha.. then i got high and made him get me a red and white balloon from the manager xD lol.. i damn syok sumore!
[omg.. really regret nvr take picture!!! =( ]

wanted to catch a late movie but figured that it'll be full anyway so we just walked around a little and talked.. =) nick, i think we should continue our conversation abt the green lights (inside joke) hehe..


*sigh* why do you have to leave so soon?
got home about 11 something.. lol.. both my parents downstairs waiting for me.. they keep looking at me one kind le!! as i walked up the stairs to my bedroom, can feel their stares.. lolx.. lucky never say anything to me! haha.. they just kept looking at the flowers, chocs n teddy bear i was trying (ineffectively) to hide xP

camwhoring while waiting

yeah.. i noe i'm a camwhore..
but u can't blame me for loving myself right? =D

so last words for now?

to all my sayangs, darlings, dears, monkeys, pigs and donkeys,


-remember! you're never alone! cz u'll always have me =)-

ps. thanks nick, for the flowers, chocolates, teddy bear, dinner and a truly wonderful evening =)

Saturday, February 2, 2008

happy birthday pacgirl =)

celebrated emily aka pacgirl 's early birthday last night at Pizza Hut
made jun drop me off at parade, though he already late to pyramid.. but he was nice enough not too complain la.. haha.. thx dear =)
so anyway, got there and saw kenneth's.. (recognised his blue bag first actually..) den found out he came WALKED all the way from subang square.. omg.. i soo admire him...
den some useless punya person decided to scare me from behind.. nearly gt heart attack le..
went into Pizza Hut. saw emily with Yee Pei. soon everyone came... mimily ordered for us..
and the rest as they say, is history:
mudcake ^^
photographers photographing ze pac girl
bday girl + cake

making her wish...
yee pei... *hugs* *cries..*

aha! caught u guys.. hehe
self-proclamied 'lengzhai', yunling, sherry

wif my dear granny EMILY

dudes n dudettes
went home about 10 something. had a guest.. then told my dad abt the uni thingy... kena screwed kao kao.. went to bed at abt 3am.. emo-ed a bit.. slept at 6+..
sorry couldn't make it ya =)
i value my life too much.. but hope u had fun!
thx granny =) hugs u lotz.. i had a great time last nite.. mwah!
*coming up next.. much awaited pics from tw's hse.. too much work to post tnite. will be back next sunday. must miss me k! =D