Monday, October 29, 2007

uncle sam, in memory

it is so easy to forget and take for granted what is always around. today, once again i have learned that we should always appreciate what we have, to cherish and treasure, as we never know when they will be lost, never to return, leaving only regret, grief and an aching emptiness. you never truly feel, how much something means to you, till its gone.

memories of when he used to hum, teach me rhymes, telling stories and stealing ice-cream for me keeps replaying over and over. memories i will cherish. i regret to say, that i haven't had the chance to tell him how much he meant to me. to say thank you.

he wasn't of family, yet he might as well have been.
uncle sam, this is for you:

u have always been there
to catch me when i fall
to make me laugh when i sulk
never once leaving me out
though i wasn't of family

for being my partner-in-crime
buying ice-cream, and small gifts
persuading aunt june,
that breaking the porcelain doll
wasn't my fault

taking me out
to the goddamn far park
keeping pace with my running feet
though u could barely walk smoothly
never once complaining

teaching me to play chess
with the patience of a saint
sometimes letting me win
when im down
just to cheer me up

being my babysitter
annoying as i was
though u didn't have to
allowing me to bug you
even while watching those chinese movies
that you enjoy so much

i regret
not taking the time
to talk more when im there
for sometimes throwing tantrums
i knew i was wrong
yet never thought to apologize
im truly sorry

i know you have suffered
not truly happy
after aunt june passed away
because unlike others of your time
you married out of love

yet you kept it locked inside
never once making us worry
only caring about others

uncle sam,

thank you for everything
without you, i wouldn't be who i am today

thank you
for saying you're proud of me
even though my results sux
thank you
for supporting what i want to do
thank you
just for being there
when i need you

no matter what. you'll always be family

rest in peace
god bless you

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

A Moment in Time

time passes ever so slowly
listening to the ticking of the clock
all i want is for this day to end
and reminiscing of the past
i've realised...
i can ever be so self-assured
filled with false confidence
simply to reassure myself
that i still have control of my life

i can no longer be protected
from the exclusion, heartache and despair
that is imposed
by people who have no life

love and friendship
can rarely co-exist together in a person
and just for that, i've learned
to appreciate those who could

finally i've realised
annoying siblings
does have its advantages occasionally
especially when they oh-so-accidently
drenched an unwelcome visitor
dressed in Ralph Lauren and Polo
with a whole can of coke

Oh the joy!

have you ever
felt alone, like a lone star on a moonless night?

have you ever
lost control, and was carried away by the tide?

have you ever
stopped dreaming, of what might have been?

have you ever
lost hope, in the one you love?

have you ever
got so bored, that you write junk like this?

i know i have :)

a little change

i felt a little something missing
like a piece of the jigsaw lost
and for some unknown reason, it feels totally wrong
something, somewhere, somehow
what it used to be has changed
find it difficult to explain the vibes i now feel

is it just me?

or has time changed us
till we no longer know
of who we used to be
a little time is all it takes
to change a lifetime of hopes and dreams

this is just me
losing control
in a raging storm
that wrestles for change
i feel lost
so lost..

thank you so much

for showing me what i've been missing

for letting me rage

for all the little things u did

for letting me know

for being there

thank you

i think i need sleep

Monday, October 8, 2007

Another Wedding...

went to ipoh for the wedding of erm.. another unknown-till-now uncle..
arrived at this quaint little town at 11am.
1st thought? cute...
no offense to ipoh ppl, but u guys only have 2 malls!
what do u guys do when ur bored??
on the other hand, u've got great food. so i guess there are some compensations.
apparently this month is an auspicious month. so EVERYBODY is getting married.

had to borrow a dress from ade..
(thx a lot girl! love you *hugs*)

cz i absolutely refuse to wear the same dresses i wore at the past 4 weddings this month!

camwhoring b4 leaving for the dinner

with my dear cousin (check out my eyebags - they're horrible - ugh!)

my gorgeous mum

met a lot of unknown relatives.. at least i THINK they're related..

anyways, got back like abt 11pm

but was damn tired, so fell asleep almost immediately

actually i'm not even sure why i'm posting this..

nothing much to say


Sunday, October 7, 2007

Post Trials Outing

trials was finally over!
unfortunately, econs was the last paper..
which meant that i hadn't studied as hard as i should have
i din have the mood - so sue me....
anyway, this should actually have been posted ages ago..
but due to some technical errors (mainly NOT getting the pics from mel..)
this post has been delayed.. and so has the others.
after the paper ended, we decided to go to the curve - redbox
when i said 'we' i meant more than half of L4. lol. this proves to be rather interesting.

anyways, almost all of us got a little lost on the way, tempers were a little high and everyone was feeling annoyed. well, emo-ed a little.then arrived there just to find out that we can only start k-ing at 3pm.. another 1 hour away.

so we split up. found out px had to go home earlier than planned. poor gal...

met yc at nishee fashion house (or something like dat). its truly a fashion trove! omg.. i was super tempted to spend my allowance.. thank goodness they don't have my size.. else there goes my pocket money...
so yeah. went karaoke-ing. found out that we had a few hardcore korean fans.. mainly emily who practically had the mic glued to her hand xD. lol. well, can't really blame her.. she's a great singer + its her 1st time. and oh yeah, kudos to michelle.. she's one heck of a singer!

for some reason, zhunkit reminds me of a monkey..

yc, emily (when she's not hogging the mic), me

wif meow meow

darling anna

we ppl

the whole gang (sorry picture small, copy from mel's blog)

camwhores united

this time i didn't drink as much.. mainly due to the fact thet the tien keat is there.. haha. we had a few drunk ppl this time - derek and joe. and they only drank a little ==".
a little trivia:-
when derek is drunk: he talks non-stop
when joe is drunk: EVERYBODY looks like pei xia... xD

derek in drunk mode

an apparently high mel and a still sober joe wif px

also found out that when L4 gets high, an outburst of gay-ism breaks out. e.g.

check out the tongue..

caught in action..

anyways, finished at about 6pm and decided to go look for food

dun ask

random camwhoring =)

walked around in circles for almost half an hour before we finally did the smart thing and break up into 3 groups: mel, zhunkit, yunling to TGIF; derek and anna to Sushi King; keat, emily and me to Little Penang.
can't quite remember wht we ordered. jz remembered something about keat's chicken running away from the cook.. lol

anyways, went home after dinner. felt damn potong.. cz even my parents are not home! ish..
but i went out agn la.. hehe.. Brian ajak go yam cha. somehow ended up at Jess's hse.. agn... lol. that place is like my second home already. did a little more drinking. got a litlle high. and made some lame jokes. anyway, finally got home at 2am. kena zha by my mum...
and thats it

once agn, sry for the delayed post.
its now time to sleep.
nitez ppl~