Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Impulse @ Republic

Went for the 'Impulse' thingy at Republic as invited by sue and advertised on stephy's blog. others who joined include ren the pimp, yen (ren's bro) aka the dude who got 15 A1's for SPM, sue, steph, zoe, howe (zoe's bro) and billy (sue's schoolmate).

Billy fetched me there super early (guess i forgot the malsysian timing thing again) and we went to get J.Co... and before you give me 'the look' again, this time i only ate ONE k! after that we walked towards the main entrance where we waited for the rest to reach. and then i got a message saying that Zoe the 15 year old needed another 20 mins to get ready. 20 mins??? haihz.. she reminds me of me when i was younger =P so we went to starbucks to chill while waiting.
they finally reached pyramid at about 9.30. 1 hour after the supposedly meeting time.
see what i tell u about the malaysian timing system?

Heineken and 1 sesated Starbucks. 3 jugs only courtesy of Ren.

the place was dead, but great place for drinking and chillexing anyways. i remember sue getting hyped up about this drink called the '107th Concubine' which apparently "when the 106th concubine is working, the 107th will enjoy this perfect blend of dragon fruit..."


interesting name and description.

princess stephy. she's super pretty!!!

darling sue

girls: zoe, steph, su & sherry

dudes: billy, ren, howe, yen

in case u haven't notice (despite red arrows), its upside down. LOL

ren the pimp

camwhoring in the ladies ^^

and THAT is why we girls take so long. but u know what? you guys shouldn't complain. afterall, if the management weren't afraid of bad reviews from the girls public who post up like millions of pictures, they wouldn't take such pains to create such a nice ambience in the loo for you to create chocolate cakes with comfort. and nice BIG mirrors too of course. =D
and guess what? another somebody lost his car. *sigh* why does these things happen to me so often? and i did warn him i will have absolutely no idea where the car will be if he asks later. btw, let me make a point:


it's almost like a sauna. at 11+PM!

and made poor sue so distressed she dropped her phone again. =\ thank goodness its working again. otherwise it'll be more money down the drain.


=) candid. the poor fella who got the lecture. awwww.

original plan was to go AC - because sue has never been there despite living here for 7 months? diuuuuuu~ where can le? even stephy who lives like 1 hour away knows where it is. however we switched to McD's at the last minute because zoe didn't like the smoke, and i can't say i blame her one bit. you buddies of mine who smoke are soooo lucky i can tolerate it! so better appreciate me more k! ^^

chillex-ing~ at mcD

i ♥ them

had an awesome time guys! thx *hugs*

Sunday, April 27, 2008

the PINK thing

Orientation Night

the orientation night for the march intake students of TCPJ was held in conjunction with the Breast Cancer Association. Thus, the theme PINK. There were performances by local bands as well as a few local artists mainly Frequency Cannon, Bus Company and Mia Palencia (there's more of course, but i just can't seem to remember their names =P).
Food was generally edible though i think it was not enough to feed the hungry crowd. apparently some parties who were late had to go hungry... ah well, who ask them come so late right? LOL - yeah, i'm pissed at coming too early. shuld have followed the 'malaysian timing system' aka 1-hour-later-than-given-time system more rigidly.

this is the stage area before the crowd

some very bored people...
mainly daniel, qiki and jess. daniel was like
"did u know leehom and jay chou are the same person?"
okaaay.. wtf??!
LOL he seems to be the only one who can come up with that sort of crackpot idea -___-"

sharon & sherry. she's my babe!

what i wore.

i KNOW the theme is pink.. and i DID wear pink.. got belt rite? ><

do i look chubbier? gawd.. i think i'd better start watching my diet.. all those sugar cravings can't be good for me =(

Jason before he got all stressed out.. lol

'ushering guests'


goodie bags.. don't ask me what's in it. i didn't get one =(
it reminds me of those goodie bags you used to get at kiddy parties..
*sigh* those were the days..

roses for charity =) i sold 8! and heck yeah, i was annoying ><

sam. he came late. =(

my darling joanne!

what am i gonna do without you when i hv to submit my assignments via AssignIT?
mwahs babe~

minty (is this how her name is spelt?). she's darned sweet la..

miss andrea


should have gotten a picture with his gf. she's so pretty and friendly! and i love her for helping me cut line in her queue for food too.. ><

owh yeah, and i remember irene asking

"sir, i hope you don't mind if i cut your line?"
(or something like that)


the fella who i had to look not twice but THRICE to recognise.. lol..

the guy who apparently studies in the same campus but is never around =(

helina looking glam in red

helina, sherry and sun-kissed hui leng (she just came back from redang)

wei hong, peiyi, sherry, wan yen

mini, irene, sherry

nash. emcee-ing.

btw, can someone tell me who's the dude in the cowboy hat? i've been asking around, but no one seems to be able to tell me =\

rachel, julia, sherry

wei jin, wei hong, robin, mun suet, kien

class jokers all. 'cept mun anyway. or is she one anyway? gee, she looked so pretty that night. haha. not used to seeing her looking so feminine ^^

amir and dara. how DOES she keep her eyes so wide open??! =\

geoff. i think he's trying to look sexy. not sure.

alicia. primary classmates?

cass. she looks hot. as usual. and me with mata sepet. *sigh*

random ramblings

their big mistake: "how is INTI doing?" -____-"

'backstage' view of the crowd. don't be fooled. there's more people than it looks.

joanne. sherry. ju enn

Nabilah. she sang Mercy by Dafi. and hell yeah, she was fab!

hung out with geoff after that. since my cam ran out of memory, no more pics. aihz. notable incidents include ambi-pur air fresheners (oaky, maybe not ambi-pur cz i doubt they have the budget) being smoked out every few minutes and passed off as stage effects. hmm.. maybe it's to avoid the crowd stinking up from the all the cheering and screaming and sweating?

oh yeah, and the speaker systems... NEVER EVER stand within 5 meters of it.

i was smart enough to stand further away

but apparently not far enough. i still became temporarily deaf =P

overall, i'd like to say kudos to the committee who made this a success! (sort off la) i mean, i can see all the hard work that they've put in. so yeah. congrats =)

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Earth Day Freeze

5 minutes after reaching subang, got an sms from Ren asking if i'm going for the freeze thingy. seeing that i'm home early with nothing better to do, i agreed. got there like about 5 mins to 8pm - cool timing huh? :P anyways, met zoe n ren at LG2 near jusco.

oh guess what?? i found a way to take pics while doing the freeze!! LOL
(okay, this is so totally random..)


Ren & Zoe.
HAHA.. Ren is staring at his cracker like it's gonna jump out of his hand and eat him ><

the massive turnout

OMG. i look super chubby here! T___T
ps. the fact that i actually posted this up attest to my courage and bravery. haihz.

guess who i met? ^^

and then we walked around a little, thinking where to go for dinner. and knowing me and my indecisiveness, it ended up with the other 2 making the choice ><


yummylicious... with tons and tons of sugar!


1stly, that ain't me!!!

guess i can't blame her anyway. after all, she's "only 15...!!!"

lol.. i know what you're thinking:

"J.Co for dinner??? wan diabetes ar?"

haha. but truth is, i only ate 2 donuts k! and ren was sweet enough to belanja.. haha. so i guess its more of an 'appetizer' than 'dinner'.

walked with zoe to popular to look for her mum. she walked right in and *poof* disappeared. i was so scared that i lost her and she couldn't find her mum. like she herself said, she's 'only 15.. !!!' and i had this idea that suddenly there will be an announcement going:

"Attention shoppers! a 15 year old girl has been reported missing. she is about 5 feet 2 and is wearing a blue shirt. any information regarding her can be reported at the information counter. thank you"


oh yeah, this is also the day i stole accidentally took zoe's book home. sorry darling! i'll return it as soon as i can. ><

okay. its 6.55am and i'm done crapping for the day. my PD trip update next!